I spent a great week in Tirana! Motive: #MeetSeeDo conference dedicated to museums in Western Balkans. The Conference, organized by CHwB (Cultural Heritage without Borders), lasted for three days and provided loads of exciting and significant lectures. Sixty of us, participants, were welcomed with speeches from the museum expert Ing-Marie Munktell, the director of National Historical Museum, Melsi Labi, and the Ministry of Culture of Albania, in the National History Museum of Albania.

Various topics were covered!  Those interested in leadership and what it takes to be the head of a museum “got in love” with the amazing Dr David Fleming, the director of Liverpool museums. Cool guy! When it comes to the question of inclusion and disability Michele Taylor, Annette Prior and Balkan Museums Access Group were definitely the ones to hear from. Region was represented by inspiring people like Višnja Kisić, Vjeran Pavlaković, Luzlim Hoti, Aida Vedžić, who proved that Balkan is not lacking experts!

This Conference is really important for employees in museum and cultural world! Why? Because it brought the representatives from Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia an Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro and Macedonia providing them wits a chance to exchange experiences and make plans for exciting projects in future! I am happy to be apart of the Balkan Museum Network‘s growth and further development.

Big  thanks to the organizers of this event and all the efforts they put in! Hello from Belgrade to all the great people I had a pleasure of meeting! #Muzejirade in the entire Balkan!

Tina Kaplani

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